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10/28/2018Brent Forsyth How Are Christians to React to This Chaotic Upside Down World

God's People Lamented When the World Cam Upon Them Heavily.
Download 10-28_-_Lamenting.mp3
10/28/2018Brent Forsyth The History of Worship: Evidence for the Flood

The Pattern of Idolatry: Is There Evidence That Pagan Nations All Came From People Who Survived the Flood?
Download 10-28_-_History_of_Worship_-_Evidence_for_the_Flood_and_the_Pattern_of_Idolatry.mp3
10/24/2018Erik Borlaug Gospel Meeting = Lesson 6 - Remember

Ezekiel 16
Download 10-24_-_Erik_Borlaugh_-_Lesson_6_-_Wedneday.mp3
10/23/2018Erik Borlaug Gospel Meeting = Lesson 5 - The Steadfastness of Job

Gospel Meeting Lesson 5
Download 10-23_-_Erik_Borlaug_-_Lesson_5_Tuesday.mp3
10/22/2018Erik Borlaug Gospel Meeting = Lesson 4 - Jesus' Suffering

Mark 15:16-32
Download 10-22_-_Erik_Borlaug_-_Lesson_4_-_Monday.mp3
10/21/2018Erik Borlaug Gospel Meeting: Lesson 2 - The River of Life - Ezek 47

Gospel Meeting Lesson 2
Download 10-21_-_Erik_Borlaugh_Lesson_2_-_Sun_AM.mp3

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