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12/20/2020Brent Forsyth Origins of Life #7 - The Evidence of Morals

Does Evolution Give a Reasonable Answer to Why Human Beings are the Only Moral Creatures? What is That Answer?
Download 12-20 - Origins of Life 7 - The Evidence of Morals.mp3
12/13/2020Brent Forsyth Resurrection - Evidence for the Resurrection of Christ Through a Shadow in Joshua 10

A Man Hung on a Tree - The Shadow of Christ's Death from the Story of Adoni-zedek, King of Jerusalem
Download 12-13 - Ressurrection - Joshua 10.mp3
12/06/2020Brent Forsyth Addiction #2 - An Addiction That Affects More Christians Than Any Other

Technology is not only addicting but is designed by its creators to be addictive. Let us learn what to do if we have become addicted to technology
Download addiction 2.mp3
11/29/2020Brent Forsyth Love Builders #1 - Honesty - Lesson 2

To Build Loving Relationships, Honesty is a Must! Let's Look at Why People Destroy Their Relationships With the Love Buster of Dishonesty.
Download WS212348.mp3
11/22/2020Brent Forsyth Addiction - It's More Widespread Than You Might Think

Be Careful With Those Who Help You Become Addicted Yet Held to be Innocent
Download WS212347.mp3
11/15/2020Brent Forsyth Love Builders 1A - Honesty

How to Build Strong, Godly, Lasting Relationships - 4 Reasons People are Dishonest
Download WS212346.mp3

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