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03/08/2020Brent Forsyth Restoration Christianity - How to Approach God

David's New Cart - A Sincere Man Has the Wrong Approach
Download 3-8 - Davids New Cart.mp3
03/01/2020Brent Forsyth Intellectual Curiosity

Acts 17 - The Bereans
Download 3-1- Intellectual Curiosity.mp3
03/01/2020Brent Forsyth The Priesthood of God - Good and Bad

Jeshua and Building the Temple of God
Download 3-1 - Priesthood of God - Jeshua and Building the Temple of God.mp3
02/23/2020Brent Forsyth The Road of Choice

Matt 7:13-15 = El Camino De La Muerte
Download 2-23 - The Road of Choice.mp3
02/23/2020Brent Forsyth The Motif of Excess in Esther

The Dangers of Excessive Living
Download 2-23 - The Motif of Excess in Esther - The Danger of Excessive Living.mp3
02/16/2020Brent Forsyth From the Top of the Mountain With God to the Tabernacle With the Fire of God

Sin of Nadab and Abihu
Download 2-16 - The Sin of Nadab and Abihu - From the top of the moumntain of God to the fire of God.mp3

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