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12/23/2018Brent Forsyth The Perfect Mixture

A New Look at the Pharisee and Tax-collector
Download 12-23_-_The_Perfect_Mixture_-_Pharisee_vs_Tax_Collector.mp3
12/23/2018Brent Forsyth The Emphasis of Jesus

What Did the New Testament Writers Emphasize About Jesus?
Download 12-23_-_The_Emphasis_of_Jesus.mp3
12/16/2018Brent Forsyth Ekklesia - Do You Know What This Word Means?

This Word Is Always Used for People
Download 12-16_-_Ekklesia.mp3
12/16/2018Brent Forsyth The Restoration Plea: Silence and Necessary Conclusions

Sometimes Our Necessary Conclusions are Based on God's Silence
Download 12-16_-_Silence_and_Necessary_Conclusions.mp3
12/09/2018Brent Forsyth Great Faith From the Least Likely 1

Looking at Faith That Made Jesus Marvel. It Was the Faith of a Roman Centurion
Download 12-9_Great_Faith_From_the_Least_Likely_1.mp3
12/02/2018Brent Forsyth Woe to Those Who Start in the Middle

The Importance of Going Back to the Beginning and Asking the Right Questions
Download 12-2_-_Woe_to_Those_Who_Start_in_the_Middle.mp3

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