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08/11/2019Brent Forsyth Anti-restoration

Turning Back From Where We Came
Download 8-11_-_Anti-restoration_-_Turning_back_to_where_we_came.mp3
08/04/2019Brent Forsyth Hooking Up

What Would God Say About the Teenagers New Way to Intimacy
Download 8-4-_Hooking_Up_-_The_New_Way_of_Teenage_Intimacy.mp3
08/04/2019Brent Forsyth The False Doctrine Called God is Love #2

Why People are Falling for This False Doctrine and Why It Doesn't Work
Download 8-4-_The_False_Doctrine_Called_God_is_Love_2.mp3
07/28/2019Adam Kitt Using God's Name in Vain

What Would God Say About the Constant Vain Use of His Name
Download 7-28_-_Adam_Kitt_-_Using_God_s_Name_in_Vain.mp3
07/21/2019Brent Forsyth Biblical Parenting #5

Putting Mom and Dad in Their Proper Role
Download 7-21_-_Biblical_Parenting_5.mp3
07/21/2019Brent Forsyth Marvelous Faith From the Least Likely #3

The Faith of the Hemorrhagic Woman
Download 7-21_-_Marvelous_Faith_From_the_Least_Likely_3.mp3

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